Governor Cuomo Wants To Veto Bill For Teacher Evaluations

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NYPOST has an article about how Governor Cuomo wants to veto a bill that would give all access to teacher data and evaluations ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo is taking a my-way-or-the-highway approach to limiting disclosure of teacher evaluations, although sources reported progress on an agreement yesterday. Cuomo has sent word that he’ll veto any bill […]


A Teacher Talks About Evaluations

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Over at, an interesting editorial article on teacher evaluations As one of my opening lessons on science lab safety, I use a scenario of students who create utter mayhem in the lab with glimpses of them also being safe. This anticipatory set is fun to read and students quickly identify things they should never […]


I wish this weren’t true

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This is unfortunately a stark realty of a lot students these days

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Apparently Ronald Wolk Has The Answer To All Of Our Education Woes

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I found this book “Wasting Minds” by Ronald Wolk quite interesting in which he lays it down straight on why we are losing our education battle.  He believes theres a mis-communication between the general public, politicians, and the education system.  He clears it up with some helpful ‘buzz word’ topics clarification 1. Students and teachers […]

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